At Graystone Creations we have learned a great deal about Firestone quality control in pond liner production. Each roll of liner is run through a laser that measures irregularities in material and seaming. Nothing gets out of the factory in less than premium condition. While obtaining certification to install Firestone brand Pond liner Graystone Creations has had the opportunity to learn about Firestone warranties and procedures. They will fully inspect the material right down to the microscopic level.

Vijverfolie kopen is specially formulated to be safe for exposure to fish and plant life in decorative ponds while resisting microbial and algae attack. It passed both the Environmental Protection Agency and the American Society for Testing and Material International test requirements in regard for the safety of fish and aquatic plants. EPDM pond linerscombine strength and durability with flexibility and allow for choice of shape and design. Installation is easy and affordable and the liners are safe for fish ponds and plant life. Our Pond Liner is suitable for all sorts of pond applications ranging from small decorative ponds with or without fish up to commercial aquacultural applications. HDPE pond liners provided by Emmbi are as wide as 13.5ft, making them one of the widest liners in the world.

We have listed above the most common sizes we sell, however our fantastic suppliers are able to manufacture a much wider range of sizes. Please add the size you need to the box below and we will be happy to send you a formal quotation by email. Insist on the Best, Insist on Firestone 45 mil EPDM Pond Liner! Firestone PondGard EPDM geomembrane is engineered to provide dependable performance in a variety of critical containment applications. UV Clarifiers are most commonly used to clear green, pea-soup colored water and can also be used for sterilization.

Selecting the perfect pond liner for your farm pond is the most important decision while building it. Before selection, one must consider various aspects and parameters for choosing the perfect pond liner, not only in terms of sizes and shapes, but also in terms of the type of material. The two most prominent types of pond liners are HDPE and EPDM. For a shipping quote click the ‘add to cart’ button next to the liner size of your choice and then enter your state and delivery zip code to receive an immediate, real-time shipping quote. Roll width 50 Foot (15.24metres) cost shown is price per linear foot (.3048 metres) off the roll e.g. if you select 8 you will have ordered an 8ft x 33ft wide liner.

Roll width 14 Foot (4.27metres) cost shown is price per linear foot (.3048 metres) off the roll e.g. if you select 8 you will have ordered an 8ft x 14ft wide liner. Roll width 12 Foot (3.66 metres) cost shown is price per linear foot (.3048 metres) off the roll e.g. if you select 8 you will have ordered an 8ft x 12ft wide liner. Roll width 10 Foot (3.048 metres) cost shown is price per linear foot (.3048 metres) off the roll e.g. if you select 8 you will have ordered an 8ft x 10ft wide liner.

Our geotextile underlays offer exceptionally high performance and provide a highly effective protective barrier between substrate and pond liner. For the smaller garden pond or where preferential ground conditions are prevailant we also supply a Pond Grade Underlay (150/180gsm). Butyl rubber pond liner is the most expensive product for pond lining, now superseded by our SealEco EPDM pond liner which is more cost effective and has superior specifications.

Therefore, they are highly useful in building large ponds for agriculture farms, fish farming, rain water harvesting, and more. Moreover, since they are also strong and sustainable with low maintenance, they are perfectly applicable to various other commercial purposes. An EPDM pond liner may not be the ideal choice for a large pond since they cannot be welded. They usually come in smaller sizes, and can only be joined together with adhesives. Based on EPDM synthetic rubber, PondGard is a highly flexible, stable waterproofing membrane. Specially formulated to be safe for fish and plant life, PondGard can easily be shaped to fit the unique contours of any size pond or complex landscape feature.

We can also provide single sheets joined in our factory up to 100’ x 100’, or multiple sheets for joining on site. If you are interested in larger sizes, please contact us. Liners that are shipped by Freight – the customer is responsible for unloading the delivery from the truck. A Pond Underliner is like having an inexpensive insurance policy and is highly recommended to help protect any kind of Pond Liner.

PVC Pond Liner is fish safe and specifically designed for the rigors of pond and waterfall construction. Constructed from 100% post consumer recycled PVC, liner is environmentally responsible and user friendly. PondGard EPDM is a high quality synthetic rubber waterproofing membrane designed to withstand the test of time. Its excellent resistance to UV exposure, high temperatures, oxidation and frost allows it to retain its mechanical properties for countless years, even when exposed to the elements. Projects installed over 40 years ago are still functional and are therefore living proof of this durability.

It can easily be shaped to fit the unique contours of any pond. PondGard shows outstanding resistance to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation , ozone and other environmental conditions. PondGard exhibits a high tensile strength and an outstanding resistance to puncture, and once installed, requires little or no maintenance.

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